Episode 8: LINKEDIN: How to Use it to Build Your VO Career with Tracy Lindley

Do you feel overwhelmed with LinkedIn? Not sure how it can be used to build your VO clients and further your career? Tracy Lindley, VO talent and creator of the LinkedIn Edge and VO Edge, will share how it helped her and tips that you can implement right now.

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How to Make The First Line of your Voice Over Audition Awesome… EVERYTIME

We’ve talked about this before…that first line of your audition is everything. A lot of times, people just listen to the first few seconds to determine whether to keep going. But HOW do you make it connect right out of the gate?  CREATE A QUESTION someone could ASK where the 1st line of the script …

How to Make The First Line of your Voice Over Audition Awesome… EVERYTIME Read More »

Episode 7: E-LEARNING with Carrie Olsen

Do you think E-Learning is a Voiceover genre you’d like to pursue? E-Learning expert (VO talent & Designer), Carrie Olsen, joins me to talk about what attracted her to e-learning, who makes an ideal e-learning talent, the challenges and benefits of an e-learning career and where the future of e-learning is headed.

If you want to learn more about how to create an E-Learning career, join us MAY 23rd for a VIRTUAL E-LEARNING WORKSHOP with Carrie Olsen.
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Episode 6: How to Survive COVID19: Lessons from Pro VO Talent

We asked our instructors to share the practical things they’re doing during COVID19 to keep their voiceover careers moving forward! Awesome tips!

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