AGENT & TALENT Expectations

Ever experienced frustration with your agent? Have you ever experienced their frustration with you? This is a MUST READ!  For those that are still looking for an agent, this will be an incredible roadmap for your future agent relationships – a MUST READ.  A lot of frustration, disappointment and confusion can be better navigated, avoided and solved by knowing the expectations of others. …

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Episode 17: Voiceover ACTING with Actress Angela Davis

Actress Angela Davis is known for her roles on-screen in The Accountant, The Resident, Cloak & Dagger, P-Valley, along with many others. In addition to acting on screen, Angela teaches acting and is also a voice actress.

On the podcast, you’ll hear:
* Angela’s journey to acting
* How she ended up adding voiceover to her on screen acting
* What’s different between on screen acting and voiceover

Join Angela for her ACTING for VOICEOVER WORKSHOP Saturday MAY 8th
Find out more details here:

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Best Microphones for Voice Over Home Studio Recording

Best Microphones for Voice Over Home Studio Recording

As a voice talent, purchasing your gear for your home studio can be SO energizing… or maybe intimidating for some. It is vital to your voiceover career that you have a solid home studio setup with quality gear to record auditions and *hopefully* booked sessions. This includes: microphones, cables, sound treatment, headphones, an interface, a …

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Episode 16: Voiceover Websites with Web Designer Brian Roberts

Have you heard that you need a website for your voiceover business but no idea where to start or what needs to be on it? Brian Roberts is a voiceover talent and a website designer. He and his partner Monika Aerodoll create websites for voice actors specifically. In this episode, we talk about:

* What basic things do you need to get a website up and running.
* Why is a website important for voice actors.
* What is SEO and why do we need it?

Example of Brian’s Website:
Contact Brian & Monika:

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New AVS Podcast featuring Maria Pendolino

We say this all the time, everyone’s VO journey is different. That’s why it’s so interesting and inspiring to hear how someone got into VO, their challenges, and how they overcame them.  This month on the Atlanta Voiceover Studio podcast, we hear Maria Pendolino’s voiceover journey. She’s in New York and originally started in musical theatre …

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Episode 15: Real Voiceover Journey with MARIA PENDOLINO

Everyone’s voiceover journey is different and this episode features the talented Maria Pendolino and her VO journey.

Maria is an award winning professional voice talent with a background in musical theatre and film. In 2019, she launched, aiming to help companies “speak millennial.” And she came in second in the “Fastest Talking New Yorker” contest at Madison Square Garden.

Hear how Maria got where she is and the lessons she learned along the way.


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