Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re new to the voiceover world and have never had any experience, then we ask that you take our Intro to VO Workshop (if you haven’t taken a similar workshop elsewhere) as a pre-requisite to taking classes or private coaching with us.

The Intro to VO Workshop is geared to give you a ton of information about:

– the basics of voice performance & technique.
– what it takes to be a successful VO talent.
– the business of voiceover.

… and you’ll receive practical experience in the booth recording and being directed, so you’ll know what it’s like.

We’ll send you an mp3 of your recording after the workshop. So why don’t you sign up here?

After that, you’re ready for our classes!

Occasionally, we have clients who come to us and give us auditions which we pass on to our current/past students, giving them the opportunity to vie for a voiceover job. However, we are primarily a teaching/instructional studio, that also records talent if they have auditions, and writes and produces commercial / narration / IVR demos.

In our classes, we help each student understand that their VO career is a business…THEIR business, and that it’s their responsibility to treat it as such.

We give each student the tools they need to start their career in this field, progress, and make ourselves available to answer any questions that will help them kick off this exciting business!

If you have an audition that you’ve been sent (either by your agent, manager or an online casting site) then you can schedule an Audition Recording. That means you book a time with us, come in and record, and we edit your audition.

Afterward, we either send it to your agent, manager or you directly for you to upload.


Always feel free to reach out to with your voiceover questions!
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We’ve got a team of industry professionals who have been vetted and can help you.
Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment.

If you’re brand new to this industry, our policy is to say no to creating a demo for you right away.
First off, we will honestly say: you are not ready, AND we’re not here to simply take your money and run.

Our GOAL is to make sure you have the tools to:

1) be ready, and
2) know that you have the experience, technique and training to handle direction as soon as you step into the booth.

Creating a demo is a big investment. If you get it as soon as you start out, then you start taking training, within 6 months to a year, you’d need a whole new demo because you’d have learned so much and gotten better. It would have you kicking yourself for spending so much too soon!

We are here for you and want to see you succeed.
Sometimes that includes saying, “you’re not ready yet”, but we’ll help you get there!

We specialize in commercial, narration / industrial and IVR demos.
For any other genre of demo, email

If you’re a working VO talent and need your demo updated, send your current demo along with a brief summary of your training and experience to

If this is your first demo and you’ve been through our training, your coach / instructor will let you know when you’re ready.
If you’ve been through another facility’s training, we ask that you reach out to

Once we’re ready to get started, you’ll be added to the queue if there’s a waiting list.
When your name comes up, we’ll email you a brief questionnaire and an invoice for 50% of the demo price. As soon as that is paid and the questions answered, we’ll get started writing your demo.

We write scripts for your demo that reflect your goals, vocal range and you as a person. Next we’ll send you your scripts and set up a time to record you at the studio.

Once the demo is recorded, we’ll get it edited and add music. After it’s completed, we’ll invoice you for the demo balance and send you your demo.

As VO talent ourselves, we understand that creating a demo is a big investment, as it’s your “vocal calling card” that you’ll want to use for a couple years.

We set ourselves apart from many others, however, because we write, choose or create copy that is catered to you, your personality and fit your voice – the types of commercials YOU would get sent to audition, and then, we professionally produce the demo to sound like they were actually recorded commercials.

Do your due diligence. Check around, and find the right place for YOU! You have to feel comfortable with the whole process, and who you’ll be working with as they direct you in the booth.

For our price, email:

Click here  for a link to our blog and quick reference on standard VO rates guidelines.

You can also go to GVAA for a full list. There’s also a good rate sheet on the SAG/AFTRA site for what the union rates are.

Audition recordings are specially priced for local VO talent. They can book a time online, come in and record a quality-sounding audition that will help them in their quest to book the job for which they’re auditioning.

An actual job that is booked is more per hour, because typically, the job will require either a phone patch or Source Connect. It is priced to help us provide this service, our time and to pay for space.

  1. Make sure you hydrate.
  2. Email us or bring a copy of the script with you.
  3. Know how you should have the file labeled and if you need a slate.