What We Offer

Whether you need a brand new demo or to update your current demo, we can help!
We specialize in commercial, industrial, narration, audiobook* and IVR demos.

For other demo types, read below for our recommendations.

We write, choose or create copy that is catered to you, your personality and fit your voice – the types of commercials YOU would get sent to audition, and then, we professionally produce the demo to sound like they were actually recorded commercials.

To learn more about the process of booking, writing and recording a demo with us, check our FAQ section. Brand new to voiceover & never had training? Start HERE before doing a demo. 

Check out some demos that we've produced

Our demo services

When you enlist our demo services you'll receive:

We pride ourselves in being able to produce the best professional quality demo reel for your VO business!
If you aren’t an established VO actor looking to update their demo, we have a list of prerequisites so that you can make the most of your investment:

  • Complete our Intro to Voiceover Workshop (or an equivalent) and enrolled in classes (with us or somewhere else) before you record a demo.
  • Know your vocal sweet spot and the range you can take your voice.
  • Be able to take direction through different voiceover specs.
  • Do 3 DIFFERENT takes of the same line back-to-back.
  • Be able to voice scripts without any vocal impediments.
DEMO PRICE: $1400   ($150 discount with completion of the 3 month Beginner Intensive Class)
We collect a 50% deposit to begin writing the scripts, with the balance due upon completion of the demo. 

Hear more details on what makes a great demo on this Atlanta Voiceover Studio Podcast episode.

Plus Jeffrey Umberger joins us to share what voiceover agents look for!


If you have the ability to do all the above and want to get started, complete our DEMO EVALUATION FORM HERE (kids ages 6-15 go HERE and for updated demos, see below)
If you’re not ready for that, sign up for our Intro to Voiceover Workshop or our Small Group Classes.


We’ve got a great group of trained script writers and directors to help your demo be the BEST reflection of you and your abilities. If however, you’d like Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew to write your demo, the total price will be $1900, instead of the $1400 standard price. Just click this option at the end of the demo evaluation. 

Looking to UPDATE your Current Demo?

Does your commercial demo need updating or rearranged? 

$75 Demo Consultation Fee (price credited to updated demo)
$300 (-$75 consult fee) Rearranged Demo
$725 3 or less additional original spots (-$75 consult fee)
$1400 4 or more additional original spots (-$75 consult fee)

To start the process for your updated demo, FILL OUT THIS FORM, and someone will reach out within 7 business days with next steps. 
For updated demos, we’ll evaluate your current demo and give you suggestions based on your goals. The  scripts we write will reflect those goals, your range and your personality.



Atlanta Voiceover Studio works with Erin Spencer (LA Audiobook narrator & owner of an Audiobook production company) to direct you and help you create a great demo. Need Audiobook Training? Check out our Virtual Audiobook Class with Curt Bonnem.


DEMO PRICE: $800 – 3 demo pieces | $700 – 2 demo pieces | $625 – 1 demo piece

PRICE INCLUDES: consultation session with Erin Spencer prior to the demo, coaching during the session with Erin, recording, editing and final delivery.

We’ll collect a 50% deposit to set up the session with Erin and secure the demo record. 

If you’d like to proceed, email:



Thessaly Lerner, Debi Derryberry


Adam SchneiderEric Romanowski


Dave Fennoy

*All Atlanta Voiceover Studio seminars, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the voiceover field or representation by an agent.


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