What to DO When You Feel Stuck

Have you been plugging along with VO for a while without much traction? Maybe you’ve been in the business for years but hit a point where you feel stuck? Or you’ve taken […]

AI/Synthetic Voice Over Resources

With AI, synthetic voices, text to speech and speech to speech, our industry is changing. If you feel nervous about it or not sure what to do, we wanted to […]

Simple Social Media Tips

First of all – WHAT DO YOU POST?  Think about what YOU LOVE seeing on social media.  Do you log on to be inspired, entertained, learn something, see the latest fun restaurant near […]

4 Most Lucrative Voice Over Genres

A part of voice over that intrigues people is: “You can make tons of money in your PJs?” At least that’s what you’ve probably read on the internet or seen in an ad promoting someone’s course. 

The bottomline is that while you can make a great living in voice over, it doesn’t just happen. You have to truly treat it like a business and not all voice over genres are created equal. Here is a list of the most lucrative voice over genres.

How To Spot A Voiceover Scam

We are constantly in a state of waiting for that next job, so when you get an email that says, “We would love to have you voice ___” It’s hard […]

Top Commercial Trends

At VO Atlanta 2021, I was able to do a session about the Top Commercial Voice Over Trends. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a brief summary and you […]

What Do You Mean Voiceover Is Acting?

My whole career people say, “Voiceover is Acting.” I’ve honestly just nodded my head and said, “Sure, sure.”  But my biggest plea with our instructors and anyone I get coaching […]

What to Know Before You Voice an Audiobook

What to know before you voice an audiobook.  I love voicing audiobooks. Yes…it takes work and endurance but it’s a really cool thing to be a part of – whether […]


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