*All Group Classes require completion of our Intro to Voiceover Workshop, or equivalent somewhere else. 


Becoming Proficient for Submitting a Technically Sound Audition

4 Week commitment |$200 

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Instructor- James Younger

What you’ll learn:

This 1-month class is designed to teach you how to become proficient at recording and editing in ADOBE AUDITION. By the end of the month, you’ll understand everything you need to know to submit a technically great sounding audition and WOW your agent or client.

The class will cover the following: 
  • Terms that typically confuse people and stop them from grasping crucial concepts

  • Connecting your hardware to your software. Understanding the why, not just the how

  • How to set up a technically accurate project and why we set it up this way

  • How to set proper levels for the highest quality possible
  • How to find your noise floor and why it’s so crucial for having a pro sounding audition
  • Proper mic technique that will give you consistency in your audio
  • The ins and outs of editing your audio inside audition
  • Shortcuts, hotkeys and automation that will cut your editing time in half
  • Basics of equalization & compression for voiceover
  • Basic overview of De-noising and De-clicking your audio with stock Adobe Audition plugins as well as Izotope RX Elements

Exporting your audio to the specific standards specified by the client

About James: James Younger joined the acting industry in 2013. While acting, he began composing music for film and TV as well as producing other styles of music in his spare time. With his extensive background in audio engineering and years of acting experience he decided to join the two together and has been voice acting ever since.  



Got Questions for James? email him at:


Month by Month commitment |$200


Instructor- Steve Henderson, 27 years experience as VO talent

What You’ll Learn:
  • Deep dive into how to find your true voice.
  • Discover the different characters that are already within you and how to apply them to your conversational read.
  • Learn tips and techniques to unlock a script’s real message and how to connect to it.
  • Learn about the “burden of the words”.  What it is, why it’s hampering your performance, and how to beat it.

About Steve: Steve Henderson is a 27 year voice over veteran.  Represented nationally by ACM Talent, Steve specializes in Commercial, Promo, Corporate Narration, E-learning, and Live Announce.  Steve has had the pleasure of working with clients such as Cartoon Network, TNT, NBA, Chik-fil-a, The U.S. Coast Guard, NASCAR, Georgia-Pacific, Georgia Public Broadcasting, The Inspiration Network, Primerica, Pandora and many more.”



Got Questions for Steve? email him at:


2-Month committment | $200/month*


Instructor – Sally Neal, 30+ years experience as VO Agent

  • What: Whether you’re just beginning your voiceover journey or you’re experienced and need a tune-up, this is a great class for you! It’s limited to around 5-7 people, so you get individual attention. Each week, you’ll go through a variety of scripts, receive coaching & feedback from a voiceover agent with 30+ years of experience.





“Very valuable feedback from Sally and peers. The honest, supportive, holistic nature of my classmates and Sally.” -Joshua

“Sally is very knowledgable, straight forward, and helpful. The free flowing input into each read from Sally and the class.” -Will

“Highly recommend! Sally is amazing!”- Linda

“I loved the opportunity to read real scripts, get

direct feedback.” – Catie

“I loved the camaraderie & support everyone

gives & receives.” – Dwayne

“Raw Sally Neal”- Matt

“SALLY! One of the most amazing teachers out there!” – Jilly

“Sally’s energy and enthusiasm. The synergy of the group was awesome!” – Barbara


3-Month Commitment | $250/month*

What: The beginner voiceover intensive is comprehensive and the perfect starting point for someone serious about a career in voiceover. It’s a 3-month commitment where you will learn. Classes taught by Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew (owners & full-time voice talent), Jill Perry OR Trevor Johns. 

        • About your voice – how to use it as an instrument, vocal health, accent/impediment reduction, and vocal exercises.
        • Script Analysis – how to interpret commercial and industrial copy.
        • How acting fits into voiceover – what tools to use & when to use them
        • How to use improv for voiceover.
        • How to create voice versatility – what is your sweet spot & discover your range.
        • How to Audition – the process & understanding the client.
        • What to do after you book a voiceover.






“Jill! I love her energy, knowledge and her critiques. She is awesome! I love the small class size so we can get personal attention.” – Erin

“LOVED the entire 12 weeks. Very informative” – Sherrie

“This is a terrific class for someone who is considering a professional voiceover carrier. I’m leaving this class with increased skills and with clearer direction about where to head from here.”- Matthew

“Everything was lovely, from the guide, booth practice, and Jill was so great and charming.” -Eugenio

“Trevor’s knowledge and positivity.” -Jessica

“Booth time from day one. I am an audio kinesthetic learner, and it was great to practice and get feedback from the start.” – Kimberly

“Being in front of the microphone, receiving feedback was invaluable.” – Matthew

“Aside from learning a great deal about VO, it was such a comfortable environment. Made it easy to try different things and also allowed for shaking off a bad day. Also loved interfacing and receiving feedback, direction.” – Michelle

“The personalized care of both Mike and Heidi for my own VO journey has now become part of my voiceover career FOREVER. Thank you so much to the both of you.” – Victor

“Small class size allowed for more time in the booth. I also enjoyed hearing feedback from everyone.” – Christina


*All Atlanta Voiceover Studio seminars, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the voiceover field or representation by an agent.

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