Curt Bonnem


Curt Bonnem

Curt Bonnem is an award-winning SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity multi-media performer with decades of experience on stage, screening and in the booth.

With nearly 150 audiobooks to his name (and his pseudonym), he has worked in numerous genres with indie authors, production houses and major publishers. In 2018, Curt was awarded the Kraus Performance Scholarship to the “Hear Now Festival” in Kansas City.

In 2019, he was finalist in the Thriller/Suspense category for the Independent Audiobook Awards and won the 2020 Audiobook Reviewer Sci-fi Awards for his narration of the “YA Fantasy Einstein’s Compass”

Also in 2020, Curt was a top three finalist in the Narration category of the “2020 Ultimate VO Survivor Competition”, out of over 600 competitors.

Aside from performing, Curt also has a background in audio/video editing and sound design and works as an audiobook editor and home studio/audio engineering consultant.