Mike and I continue to remain optimistic. We’re not being naive. We know this will affect us all but I encourage you to not let anxiety create a prison around you (which it can easily do). Work and business thrive when we can create SOLUTIONS to PROBLEMS and there are certainly a lot of problems out there right now. So, let’s focus on what solutions we can come up with. 

I wanted to share TWO things that are important to know going forward: 
1| Continue to prepare to work remotely. That means getting that audition + home studio set-up running! We’ve got a great home studio set-up tutorial HERE + Dan Fishman is available for any home studio consultations/help you may need (virtually)…book him under “private coaching” on our website. 

Home Studio Set-Up: https://www.mikestoudt.com/staging.atlantavoiceoverstudio.com/blog/vo-training-resources/

2| Look for THESE VO opportunities to continue growing – e-learning, medical narration, IVRs and gaming. 
Our MAIN STUDIO is still open and we have Source Connect, Phone Patch & ISDN. If you book a job and need a studio, give us a call/email. We’re also offering so much more things VIRTUALLY now! Take a look!

Keep pressing forward!

-Mike & Heidi

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