Becoming Proficient for Submitting a Technically Sound Audition

6 Week commitment |$250 


What you’ll learn:

This class is designed to teach you how to become proficient at recording and editing in ADOBE AUDITION. By the end of it, you’ll understand everything you need to know to submit a technically great sounding audition and WOW your agent or client.

The class will cover the following:
  • A brief overview covering microphones and interfaces.
  • Basic overview of De-noising & De-clicking your audio with stock Adobe Audition plugins as well as Izotope RX elements.
  • Professionally treating your space. Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment. Soundproofing methods & Acoustic treatment methods. 1 on 1 help with your individual space.
  • Terms that typically confuse people and stop them from grasping crucial concepts.
  • Connecting your hardware to your software. Understanding the why, not just the how.
  • How to set up a technically accurate project and why we set it up this way.
  • How to set proper levels for the highest quality possible.
  • How to find your noise floor and why it’s so crucial for having a pro sounding audition.
  • Proper mic technique that will give you consistency in your audio.
  • The ins and outs of editing your audio inside Adobe Audition. Keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow more efficient & less time consuming.
  • Equalization & compression for Voiceover.
  • A deep dive into equalization. An engineer’s perspective. How the specific frequencies affect the voice and how to tame harsh sibilance within your EQ.
  • Punch & Roll
  • Measuring for Audiobooks/ACX
  • Spectral Frequency Display


  • List of our recommended equipment
  • Lifetime access to the recorded class!
  • Home Studio Demo Direction – James will guide you in creating a SPECIAL DEMO that many agents are asking for now! **DISCLAIMER:  The Home Studio Demo is one that has specific requirements in a specific order. It’s something new that many agencies in L.A. are requiring. NOTE:  this does NOT include a free commercial, industrial or any demo that AVS produces.** 


Got Questions for James? email him at: james@atlantavoiceoverstudio.com

About James: James Younger joined the acting industry in 2013. While acting, he began composing music for film and TV as well as producing other styles of music in his spare time. With his extensive background in audio engineering and years of acting experience he decided to join the two together and has been voice acting ever since.

Private Coaching with DAN FISHMAN

Expertise: Home Studio Set-Up, Editing, Recording, Commercial, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, Show Narration, Script Analysis

**Dan will be pausing private coaching until July 2021, if you need help, contact: james@atlantavoiceoverstudio.com**

With 25 years experience as an audio engineer and 10 years as a professional voice over actor, Dan can help you set up or troubleshoot your home studio. He can help you improve the sound, your recordings and your editing process. Let him help you create an efficient editing process specific to your voice andanswer any questions about microphones and gear. He has worked as a voice actor with clients like Hewlett-Packard, PayPal, Old Navy, Intuit, Best Buy, HBO, American Family Insurance, The History Channel, ABC, PBS, and CBS.


Equipment Recommendations


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