My whole career people say, “Voiceover is Acting.” I’ve honestly just nodded my head and said, “Sure, sure.” 

But my biggest plea with our instructors and anyone I get coaching from is – answer the WHY! 

What do you mean Voiceover is Acting? Why? No one has ever explained why. They just say, “Take an acting or improv class.” Which is great advice BUT if you don’t why you’re taking it or how it is supposed to help you be a better voice talent, then it’s not helpful. 

Let me lay out why I think acting technique helps you become a better voice talent and why voiceover is acting. 
1| Acting is living truthfully in IMAGINARY situations. 
   With voiceover, you don’t have a scene partner. You have to create an imaginary world in a booth with you, yourself and you. There’s got to be a real connection when you have nothing but words on a page. 

2| Acting helps you to understand point of view, objective and intent. 
    Being able to alter one of these things can change up your read. The more flexible and fluid you are, the better you will be at being directed. 

3| Acting builds your ability to take direction. 
    Taking direction well will earn you repeat clients. 

4| Acting makes you a better storyteller. 
   Commercials, Animation, Video Games…even E-Learning (to a degree) are stories. Being able to make those stories come alive is what separates the ok talent from the great talent. And improv helps develop a muscle that allows you to add to those stories.
In our classes, we do see a difference in people WITH NO acting background and those WITH AN acting background. 

I’ve wanted for a long time to offer a workshop focused on acting technique that helps elevate your voiceover game and we finally are! 

Angela Davis, Atlanta actress, voice talent and acting coach (click HERE to see her on-camera classes), leads our Acting for Voice Over workshops.

-Mike & Heidi

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