Episode 12: From Beginner to Pro

Hearing other people’s voiceover journeys can be so inspiring! We asked 7 talent that have come through Atlanta Voiceover Studio to share their story of going from Beginner to Pro, […]

Episode 11: How to Transition from RADIO to VO

Mike and Heidi both were on-air radio talent that then transitioned to full-time voice actors. Learn from our mistakes, what we WISH we had known, how much money we made at the beginning and our tips to go from a radio career to voiceover career successfully!

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Episode 10: Q&A with Mike and Heidi

Do you ever wonder, “Do OTHER voiceover actors feel the same way I do?” or “I have so many questions about voiceover!” Mike Stoudt and Heidi Rew, owners of Atlanta Voiceover Studio, ProVoiceoverTraining.com, and long-time voiceover actors share their experiences, struggles and how you can navigate this world of voiceover.

– First VO job…what to expect
– Most fearful aspect of voiceover
– Biggest hurdles faced
– What they wish they’d known in the beginning

**PLUS they answer questions from Instagram (@atlantavoiceoverstudio) **
“What are good agencies for people who are new to VO to submit to?” – Dominique
“What is the best way to get an animation gig?” – Emma
“What class should I start as a newbie?” – Tiffany
“Whats a good way to break into the business if you have 0 experience or connections?” – Patrick
“I have a demo, where’s the best place to shop it? Or do I need an agent?” – “Donkis Dad Jokes”

**Resources, Classes, Workshops, etc **

Episode 9: VO BUSINESS with Dani States of Voiceoverview

Hear how Dani went from being laid off several times to becoming a successful voiceover talent PLUS she shares what VO business issues led her to start Voiceoverview, a Voice Over CRM and Business Management Tool and how it can help you!

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Episode 8: LINKEDIN: How to Use it to Build Your VO Career with Tracy Lindley


Do you feel overwhelmed with LinkedIn? Not sure how it can be used to build your VO clients and further your career? Tracy Lindley, VO talent and creator of the LinkedIn Edge and VO Edge, will share how it helped her and tips that you can implement right now.

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Episode 7: E-LEARNING with Carrie Olsen

Do you think E-Learning is a Voiceover genre you’d like to pursue? E-Learning expert (VO talent & Designer), Carrie Olsen, joins me to talk about what attracted her to e-learning, who makes an ideal e-learning talent, the challenges and benefits of an e-learning career and where the future of e-learning is headed.

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Episode 6: How to Survive COVID19: Lessons from Pro VO Talent


We asked our instructors to share the practical things they’re doing during COVID19 to keep their voiceover careers moving forward! Awesome tips!

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