You know we preach, “Stick to industry standard voiceover rates!” here at Atlanta Voiceover Studio. So, I want to share a story of why sticking to voiceover rates wins. 
A VO talent that has come through Atlanta Voiceover Studio recently shared that she auditioned for a job via a social media platform. The agency/production team messaged and said the client loved her and asked her rate for the project. Based on the GVAA rate guide, she quoted them $2400. The team responded that the client didn’t really have a big budget and they could only do $400. 

This talent did a really brave thing and said, “I understand but I’ll have to pass with a rate that low.” 

And guess what, the team came back a day later and said, “We were able to find some money in the budget, so we can pay you the rate you requested.” 

Can you imagine if she just went with the $400 rate? It would literally be like she had lost $2000. 

The VO industry has so much opportunity and can be a very rewarding career (monetarily & creatively). This story is such a great example that a lot of good can come from sticking to voiceover rates. 

Have a great week!

-Mike and Heidi

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