I’ll admit…I LOVE when people see WHAT I do and give me praise. 

That feels crappy to admit but it’s true. If you are into the Enneagram personality test, I’m a 3 which is the performer. I just desire those “pats on the back” for a job well done. Which makes no sense that I’m in the industry I’m in because I do not get that very often. 

I admit that to say that I totally understand your desire (if you have that desire) of being praised or told you did a great job, but if we can remember this thing we’ll always win the client. 

The client, customer, audience…THAT’S the hero. We simply are the guides. We guide the hero to THEIR win…whether that’s being part of the puzzle of a great commercial, helping the customer find the solution to their problem or taking the audience on a journey. 

My expectation of a job well done is praise but by shifting my perspective to the expectation of a job well done is guiding or helping someone…THAT makes the difference between a win and defeat (even if it’s just internal defeat). 

Guide on! 🙂 

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