About to get vulnerable here. The other week, an agent sent me an email telling me I forgot something in my audition. It was a promo script that had all of the different days in the script like this “Sunday at 7” “Tomorrow at 7” “Tonight at 7” “Next at 7.” Well, I’ve always just chosen one to do for an audition. I want the casting director/client to get right to the meat of my audition instead of hearing the list of days. But my agent said, “Your audition was great but you forgot to add in all of the days. If you ever have questions just ask. Please re-cut and send back.”
My first reaction wasn’t great. It was simply, “Seriously?” But then I stopped and thought about it. 

This became a great exercise in humility. Instead of questioning my agent or getting frustrated, it reminded me that humility is something I should practice every day. The more experience and longevity you have, it’s so easy to start thinking that you know what’s “right.” In an industry that’s so subjective, “right” is ever-changing. Not to mention, my only marketing “strategy” (if you can call it that) is to cultivate relationships with people. Staying humble is a big ingredient in cultivating great relationships. 


This experience was such a great reminder that to be a successful anything takes more than practicing technique…it takes practicing good character.

-Mike & Heidi

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