Intro to ADR & Looping

What We Offer


OCTOBER 22nd 10:00-1:00pm EST

Instructor: Alex Puccinelli

Price: $175

ADR & Looping is coming to Atlanta quickly.
Make sure you’re equipped to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way!

With 10+ years of experience Alex Puccinelli has lent his voice to over 200 TV and Film projects including The Lego Movie, Black Panther and The Blacklist. His work has allowed him to collaborate with some of the top post production directors and ADR mixers in the business.

What You’ll Learn:

What it takes to perform ADR at a high level, as part of an ensemble and as an actor.

Learn techniques like donuts, walla, and call outs ( this will make sense when you take class)

Leave with a greater understanding and comfortability of an art that is rarely talked
about but is absolutely critical to the making of film and television.

* All Atlanta Voiceover Studio seminars, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide
opportunity for employment in the voiceover field or representation by an agent.


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