Advanced Animation Workshop

What We Offer

In-Person or Virtual

E-LEARNING Weekend Workshop

SATURDAY & SUNDAY September 17th & 18th | 10:00-5:00pm EST

with Carrie Olsen

Get the TOOLS you need to elevate your E-LEARNING career, the next week!

Instructor: Carrie Olsen

Price: $699 (includes starter demo)

CARRIE began as a content design specialist for the e-learning department of an international company. When she became a Mom, she yearned for more time at home. Turning on a podcast, she heard about the world of voiceover and that changed everything. She began training, started booking jobs and eventually went full-time. With her background in designing e-learning courses, she is an expert in the genre and has a successful career to back it up.

What You’ll Learn:

* E-Learning Genre-Specific Technique to ensure you’re delivering the on-trend reads that clients want

* How to Market and Brand Yourself in E-Learning so you can naturally communicate your value to clients

* How to Find E-Learning Opportunities so you aren’t only dependent on winning auditions

* Tools you Need to Create an E-Learning Career to turn your business into a well-oiled machine

* Record a starter E-Learning Demo so that you can start submitting right away.*


*Carrie will direct you and Atlanta Voiceover Studio will edit and produce your demo. This is meant to be a starter demo that you can add additional projects to down the road but will allow you to start seeking opportunities right away. AVS typically does not offer demos in conjunction with a workshop, outside of certain specific genres.

**Advanced workshop. Must have taken the Intro to VO Workshop (or equivalent somewhere else) + have foundational VO training and experience.

VIRTUAL ATTENDEES: Must have home studio approval. Email with your home studio sample prior to signing up.

This is a PACKED weekend workshop designed to not only give you technique but opportunity to apply it!

Students Who Would Benefit From This Class:

People interested in pursuing an E-Learning Career that have taken foundational voiceover classes and workshops and have a quality home studio.

* All Atlanta Voiceover Studio seminars, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide
opportunity for employment in the voiceover field or representation by an agent.


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