Acting for Voiceover Workshop

What We Offer

Acting for Voiceover Workshop

Saturday August 20th| 2:30pm-5:30p EST

Instructors: Angela Davis

Price: $150

Want to pursue voiceover but have NO or just a LITTLE ACTING background?
This workshop is for you!

Accomplished on-camera actress, teacher and voice actor, Angela Davis
will teach you foundational acting technique and help your reads come alive.

What You’ll Learn:

Learn foundational on-camera acting techniques that benefit
voice acting – point of view, objective, visualization and intent.

Learn how to visualize and bring your scripts to life.

Become more comfortable with scripts you have no interest in or know nothing about.

Students Who Would Benefit From This Class:

People interested in voiceover that have no acting experience and want to
pursue commercial, animation, video game or audiobook work.

Anyone that has trouble visualizing someone to talk to.

Anyone that struggles voicing a script of a brand they have no interest in.

* All Atlanta Voiceover Studio seminars, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide
opportunity for employment in the voiceover field or representation by an agent.