I love watching the Superbowl commercials but not just for the entertainment of them. I love watching them because they most often reflect the top trends in commercial VO. Here are some observations I made and then I’ll share how that affects us. 
* Over 20 commercials voiced by MEN. Only 3 were voiced by WOMEN. Based on some of the past years, this is actually less than before. 
* A lot of character voices in this years commercials (Sharks, M&MSs, Mint Mobile, etc) 
* Only TWO commercials were voiced by actors that had accents & ONE of those was voiced by a boy with a southern accent (that may have just been a GA shown one)
* 95% of the VOs were simple, subtle, intimate – the Rav4 & Weathertech were slightly more dramatic, one being a car commercial and the other with comedic undertones. 
Another thing I noticed, since I am a female and I auditioned for the Xfinity & Norwegian spots, was that all the female voices were deeper, warmer. 

So how does this impact us and our auditions? SIMPLE, SUBTLE, INTIMATE is the name of the game. Don’t push. 

Did you notice anything that I didn’t catch? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Again…this is also during a huge sports game and targeted in certain ways, so it doesn’t necessarily reflect ALL commercials across the board but it’s a good way to observe the trends. 

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