We’ve all done it. Sometimes I still do it.

Especially on those long days when I have a bunch of auditions to do and am tired. Not only do I second guess my voice over audition but I can’t make decisions on which takes I like. More often than not, it’s these times that I end up with a couple takes that sound the same. They may be slightly different but I just can’t seem to let one go.

So, what do I do, outside of getting a good night’s sleep and trying again the next day? 

1| Take 5 or actually 10, maybe 20. 
    I just take a few minutes away from my studio and do something else. That way I can come back with fresh ears. I look back over the specs and the script and then I listen back. 

2| Play the same sections back to back. 
   Play a section from the 1st take, now play that same section from the 2nd take. Do they sound exactly the same? If so, that’s probably not a good enough 2nd take. 

3| Let it go. 
    On voiceover projects that would mean a lot to me, I tend to second guess myself more. I recently auditioned for a Michaels commercial and man did I spend some time on it. I REALLY would love to voice a Michaels commercial b/c I love Michaels. I looked at other Michaels spots, read up on their current branding, did all the script analysis…then I got to the audition part and I had so many takes that I couldn’t decide. So…I kept telling myself…”let it go.” Don’t hold any take too preciously. Listen like a casting director/ad agency would, try to ensure the first take fits what you think they want the best then the second take just choose the creative choice YOU like the best. Let the others go.

Hope this helps you next time you start second guessing your takes.

-Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

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