I know this is on the top of everyone’s minds. First of all, I wanted to share a link to a story I recently shared on my Encourage Minute podcast.

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It’s episode 3: Brew and Get Through and it’s about Coors Brewing Company and how they were able to survive prohibition when many other companies didn’t. In light of what is going on, it’s a great reminder that sometimes the worst situations can become the best.  

We’ve heard a lot about halting work, events, trips…I even just got an email today that the radio station group I do imaging for is asking to go to a per project fee instead of the retainer. They’re already feeling the pinch.  But I’d like to remind you that there are actually positive things we can do to STILL move our career forward despite all of this. Here are some concrete action items based on where you are in your VO career:  
1| Use the “home time” to watch commercials, animation, observe video games, etc. Sometimes in the hustle & bustle of our every day we don’t have that extra time to really listen, observe and think of takeaways.  

2| Make sure you have a home studio up & running! This job is GREAT to have at times like this because we can work from home. If you have a good home studio, it will help you weather situations like this. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a great HOME STUDIO SET-UP tutorial plus link the products on our page under “Store”: https://www.mikestoudt.com/staging.atlantavoiceoverstudio.com/blog/vo-training-resources/ 

3| Sign up for the free level on Voice123 and practice auditioning.  

4| Take this time to make sure your Linkedin page is clear about what you do, how you can help clients and how to get in touch with you. Work on your website, blogging and marketing plan.  

5| Look at your budget. If you still have a full-time job, think about how much you’d have to make or save to have 6 months pay in the bank. For times like these where we may be leaner for a bit, it’s good to have a buffer.  


1| Use this time to check your website, blogging, social media, linkedin, etc. Make sure everything is cohesive with your branding, marketing, messaging. Look over some of the notes from past workshops or conferences and see if there were any action points you meant to get to but didn’t. Use the time where it may be a little slower to jump on those things.  

2| Look for ways to help in the midst of all of this. Even if it’s something for free. For instance, with schools being shut down…maybe offer a YouTube reading time or Zoom Reading for friends, neighbors, etc. Have a different book you read each day. While that’s not a paid gig, saving the day of a parent that has to work from home and take care of their kids will mean a lot and when that parent’s company is looking for a voice to do their internal training…guess who they’ll think of?  

3| Take a moment to email or send a note to your agents. Let them know that you appreciate them. They’re feeling the pinch and uncertainty too, so just a kind, supportive, empathetic note will mean a lot.  

4| Evaluate – take a look at your agents, pay to play sites, goals, strategy, etc. See if it’s working and if you need to readjust in any way.  
Overall, I’d encourage all of us to try to live less on the seesaw of fear and apathy but more balanced with caution and expectancy.  There are a few things we’re doing different at Atlanta Voiceover Studio – offering Zoom attendees for workshops, we did have to cancel the Branding to Booking workshop with Jonathan Tilley because he’s not able to travel and of course we’re being very vigilant about sanitizing the studio.  Let us know if you have any questions & hope you have a great week!

-Mike & Heidi

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