Last week, I was so honored to sit on a panel with Rhavynn Drummer (Casting Director for Tyler Perry), Gideon Cohen (Sr Producer, Fitzco), Jeffrey Umberger (ACM Management), John Roberts (Owner & engineer of Soundbyte), moderated and organized by veteran VO actor Brad Davidorff. This was for Georgia Production Partnership (GPP)

If you aren’t part of GPP, it’s a great organization and a wonderful way to connect with others in the industry (acting, production, VO and other media). 
One of the things mentioned on the panel was something I thought would be interesting and helpful to you. Gideon Cohen, Sr Producer at Fitzco, said that a lot of their clients are asking for a YouTube star-type VO.

Great you may say but HOW do you get there??? One of the best ways to prep yourself for that type of read is to improv a conversation before the copy. Have the person you’re talking to and begin a conversation with them. But don’t just talk about nonsense. Talk to them about something real. Tell them about what you were thinking in traffic earlier or your morning routine. Then go into the script…WITHOUT losing that raw, real, human feel. 

I know it’s easier said than done but with practice, it will become seamless. 

Hope you have a great week!

-Mike & Heidi

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