The reason why I wanted to talk about these things is because understanding expectations in relationships can prevent a lot of frustration. The same goes for your relationship with your agent and/or manager. Understanding exactly what role each of us plays will not only prevent frustration but create a better relationship. 
What I WILL touch on is: 

1| Commission – you will pay managers 10% of everything you make in VO
2| Self starter/Business-minded – most managers want talent that have already established themselves (see the reason below) 
3| Broadcast Quality Studio Set-Up 
4| Responsiveness
5| Ability to turn auditions around really fast

1| More one on one guidance (as opposed to an agent)
2| Smaller Roster 
3| Great Opportunities – they work hard to get the best opportunities for you
4| Counselor rather than conveyor belt
5| Comprehensive Regional Representation – with ACM, they have multiple managers on board that target different regions

One of the things I’ve heard around the “water cooler” is people referring to a manager as someone that will help develop, grow and establish a career. While they are great guides, counselors and able to redirect your auditions, it’s up to you to establish your career then a manager can just enhance it. 

-Mike and Heidi

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