We are excited because today’s blog post is brought to you by Brian Bremer, our Intro to Voiceover (and Animation) Workshop instructor. Here’s Brian…Understanding Advances in Tech
Technology. It can be an intimidating word for those of us who aren’t sound engineers! But the reality is, in today’s marketplace, talent has to be somewhat tech savy and keep up with the trends of the “home studio requirement”.

Often times I work with seasoned pros who resist the advancements in technology, and I try to help them realize that, to be competitive these days, you have to be tech aware and able to deliver.
Bite the bullet and educate yourself on Source Connect, Skype phone patches, Zoom…a phone patch if you have a land line. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Research and ask for help. It’s a cost, but it’s a cost of doing business.

Atlanta VO Studio has a great tutorial available on home studio set up, so check the website.

Take the plunge and be sure you can deliver what the great variety of clients are asking for in today’s market. Personally, I’ll go in  studio and work with my awesome Sound Engineers any time I can, and I have negotiated talent rates with many, so that in a pinch I can go in and eat the cost, if my fee justifies is.

But we have to be able to deliver in a pinch and from our own home studios when called upon. We have to take it upon ourselves to keep up with the ever changing tech that drives our business.

-Brian Bremer

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