At VO Atlanta 2021, I was able to do a session about the Top Commercial Voice Over Trends. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a brief summary and you can watch the full version here.


1| Focus on Sustainability
    Companies wanting to focus on sustainability features tripled over the past 24 months. (AdWeek) 

2| Continued Emphasis on Storytelling
    Continuing to veer away from salesy ads, brands are embracing storytelling as a way to get attention and create memorable impressions. 

3| How brands can provide – adventure, escape, togetherness, enjoyment, partying, community
   Once things begin to open back up, brands will be there to solve this hole we’ve had for over a year promising an escape from home and a feeling of togetherness. 

4| Sense of Humor
   It’s been a heavy year and brands are starting to feel like things are a little lighter now, which means they can create fun, light-hearted content. 

5| Diversity & Inclusion
    2020 was a great year of busting this door open and we will continue to see more and more of this. 


1| Natural, real read
    Carli Silver from Sound & Fury said 90% of the auditions they send out call for a natural, real tone. If you feel you struggle with this, check out Steve’s Character of You class. 

2| Spoken word/Slam Poetry
    Focus on creating a rhythm with your words combined with a passion for the message. Power Poetry online says you should be able to take the audience through different moods. 

3| Accents & Unique Vocal Tendencies
    Clients are wanting more and more uniqueness in voices…including accents. 

4| Less “Mouth to Ear” proximity and more “Kitchen Table” proximity
    For awhile the REALLY pulled back, like you’re telling someone in their ear, proximity was popular. Now, it’s still pulled back from an announcer read but more like you’re talking to someone at the kitchen table versus right next to their ear. 
If you want to stay up to date with the trends, keep checking, subscribe to AdWeek and follow brands you’d love to voice on social. 

-Mike & Heidi

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