The greatest challenge in the voiceover industry actually isn’t setting up your home studio or even booking a job. The greatest challenge takes place in your mind. 

A couple weeks ago, I encountered a challenging mind week. There were 3 jobs I was on hold for. One was a singing job and I was SO excited about that. Another was a booking for an agency I had worked with before and the other was for a big name brand. ALL 3 fell through within 3 days. It felt like one disappointment after another. These things happen all the time. I’ve encountered my fair share but when it happens all at once, it was a tougher pill to swallow. On top of that, I was asked to join a management team and really unsure if I was a good fit. I started doubting myself. 

Weeks and even months like this happen. It’s pretty guaranteed. But here are two pieces of hope 1| the more mental challenges you get through, the easier they become to handle and 2| there are ways to get through them. Alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Just kidding. 
Here are ways I deal with the mental challenges when they arise – 

In addition to these steps, I am a huge believer in exercise as a way to recalibrate your mind challenges. Meditation, prayer, church, etc are all great ways to shift your mind back to the right space. 

I know we got a little deep in this email newsletter. Sorry about that but I hope this was encouraging for you as you tackle this week. 
 -Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

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