I’ve been feeling very inspirational lately…so perhaps I owe you an apology. Perhaps not. Maybe it’s what you need to hear? I promise, I’ll send out some more meaty, voiceover-specific emails soon. 

Time is the root of so much impatience. We either have too much or not enough. 

If you’re feeling especially anxious at how slow your VO career is going or frustrated that you have a great month, then a slow month, let me share a story not related to voice over. 
Before I left radio, I started a blog called Parties for Pennies. It was a creative outlet and I knew I didn’t have all the tools needed but figured I’d learn as I went. The one thing I DID do was promise to be consistent. I did learn – how to take better pictures, how to format posts, best way to get noticed on Pinterest, etc. I also was consistent. I posted EVERY single Wednesday except for two for SIX YEARS straight. I spent A LOT of time on it and finally I realized that just making $12k/year from something that took so much time was not wise. It felt like such a HUGE failure after all that time invested to walk away. Honestly, it’s taken me a year and a half to grieve cutting ties. A few months ago, I finally sold my site Parties for Pennies. I still got traffic but because I wasn’t posting, major players were hacking my site. I sobbed on my desk. 

It felt like an even bigger failure. All that work now gone forever. 

BUT…that’s not the end of the story. First of all, SO much of what I learned from blogging I applied to Atlanta Voiceover Studio. I never would’ve realized the value of an email newsletter if it wasn’t for Parties for Pennies. I never would’ve known how to edit a WordPress site or create graphics. 

AND…last week, HGTV Magazine emailed me and said they wanted to feature my Christmas tree from 2015 in their December issue.

They found it on Pinterest and LOVED IT. 

All those years, I dreamed about doing something worthy of notice from HGTV magazine. NOW…TWO years after I stopped blogging and THREE months after selling the site, it was noticed. 

I tell you that whole long story to hopefully ENCOURAGE you! You are adding the right ingredients – training, learning, practicing, growing, consistency…the magic that brings it all together is just TIME. We never know when it will happen but instead of us looking at time impatiently, let’s look at it with expectancy. 
It WILL happen…you just never know exactly WHEN! 

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