You’ve probably heard us say, “Watch out for breakdowns that say ‘in perpetuity’.” You’ll often see that term on Pay to Play sites. Now there is another term I’m seeing more and that is BUYOUT.

What does a buyout mean? It means they have rights to your commercial for as long as they want. 

Here’s an example from a recent P2P site audition – 
“The ad will run for one month in 13 US metro markets. Your acceptance of the contract, however, includes buy-out for future use (although this is very unlikely).”

This is saying that if you accept, they can use your spot for as long as they want to (basically in perpetuity) with no additional pay. That $700 may look good at first but when you see your commercial running a year from now and you have to turn down the $10,000 audition because it conflicts…that $700 doesn’t look so good anymore. I love that they put in parentheses “although this is very unlikely.” That is a contract no one would say is okay to accept. The reason contracts exist is to set parameters. 

Now, if this is a job you really want, when you submit your audition add in the notes that you are fine with the payment but not with the potential buyout. You can say that you will only agree to the 1 month run. 

Just a little heads up for you! 

-Mike & Heidi

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