I got back from the Voxy Summit conference the other weekend and there was one word that kept going over and over in my brain. 

The more I thought on this one word, this one action, I realized how doing it WELL would truly change our careers and lives. It’s something we can put into practice in every area of our voiceover business. It will set us a part and move us closer to our goals. 
MARKETING – Listen to your clients. Hear not only their problems but their lives. 

AUDIENCE – Listen to what needs your audience has – whether that’s commercially, in video games, e-learning, animation, etc. 

AUDITIONS – Listen back to your auditions. Really listen. 

OTHER TALENT – I believe sometimes the greatest gift I can give other talent is truly hearing them. This is a weird business. Not many other people get it. Listening to others in the industry is truly a gift. 
This just skims the surface but I challenge you to start to look for ways this week you can listen better. I think you may be surprised at how much you’re actually heard. 

-Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

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