First of all – WHAT DO YOU POST? 

Think about what YOU LOVE seeing on social media. 

Do you log on to be inspired, entertained, learn something, see the latest fun restaurant near you? 

Use the lens of “WHAT DOES THIS OFFER TO THE AUDIENCE?” when you post content. 

You can still post your bookings and successes but do you also have an entertaining story or something you learned to go with that booking? Adding something of value to your audience not only allows you to showcase your talent but gives something to them as well. 

We interviewed Gabrielle Byndloss on the podcast this month (she increased her followers by over 10k in a year) and I LOVE these three things she shared when figuring out what content to post – 

1| Does it align with me?

2| Is it how I want people to see me?

3| Does it align with my values? 

This ensures that besides giving something to your audience, you’re staying true to your brand. 

Check out the rest of her episode HERE!


1| Create buckets for the kind of content you want to share. I have buckets of interior design, food/recipes, general tips, VO/on camera, funny, fashion and small business/AVS. These are all under the purpose of informing, entertaining or inspiring. I’ll collect ideas and recently started photo albums for each, so I can easily collect and pull content when I need. 

2| Schedule your content. Use a tool/app suggested below to schedule out your content. I try to schedule a month in advance. I’m not always the best at it. With the studio’s social, my own, plus having my own career and AVS, there are times it gets pushed down the priority list. Fitting social scheduling in during a time you have the margin once a month can free your time for the rest of the month. 


1| Planoly or Loomly. Both of these scheduling apps are great. Loomly allows you to schedule Linkedin posts as well. 

2| Canva. For great graphics and social templates this is great. You can even edit videos in Canva. 

3| B Squared Social. This is a service I subscribe to that sends me trending reel sounds every week. 

Gabrielle also shared her helpful apps and tools on the podcast! Don’t forget to check that out HERE (links to all the podcast platforms)


This is something I’ve had to remind myself of lately…nobody’s paying as much attention as you think. Have you not posted in a couple months?  Don’t beat yourself up about it. Most people may not have even noticed. 

Do what you can, when you can. 

I’m constantly readjusting my priorities and sometimes that means social is on the backburner. That’s okay. I still press forward and do what I can, when I can…and to the best I can.


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