Looking for ways to expand your voice over opportunities? Here are 5 places to find VO jobs that you may have not thought of.

You’ve probably already heard about online casting sites and agents but are there OTHER places to find voice over opportunities? Yes! 


Website: https://actorsaccess.com/

FREE but $2/submission OR pay $68/year for unlimited submissions

Actors Access is primarily used for on-camera auditions but there will be voice over opportunities occasionally. In fact, I just saw one posted for a Nickelodeon Animated series. You’ll first need to create a profile, then go to “breakdowns” and the region that you are based out of (I’d actually search other regions as well since voice over can be done anywhere). In the search box, type in “Voice Over” (try “voiceover” without the space as well) and the auditions available will pop up. 


Website: https://www.castingnetworks.com/

FREE for basic membership but to submit, you must sign up for the premium membership which is $21.66/month

Casting Networks typically have a fair amount of voice over opportunities. Once you create a profile, click on “Casting Billboard” and search for Voiceover. It may be a good idea to create a free profile and every other week see what opportunities are posted. This can help you determine if the $21.66/month will be worth it. 


Website: https://www.backstage.com/

There’s a special going on right now for $100 off your first year, bringing the monthly price to $8.33/mo

I know a few voice talent who have booked jobs from Backstage. Backstage acquired Voice123 not too long ago. From what I’ve heard from the people at V123, they’ve been really impressed with how Backstage operates. There’s definitely a good amount of jobs posted there for VO. 


Website: www.Linkedin.com


Go to your Linkedin profile and at the top will be a briefcase icon labeled “jobs.” Once you click on that, you’ll see “Job Alerts” on the left side. You can customize what type of jobs you’d like to be notified of. I’ve been doing this for over a year and haven’t booked anything but it’s free and will send you notifications, so worth a shot. 


Website: https://www.upwork.com/

FREE, you only pay a 10% service fee if you book a job.

The biggest issue with this are the rates! The ones I saw were pretty awful. There were only a couple that aligned with industry standards. That said, if you’re starting out, this may be a good place to start. If you can make a little money and put that into an online casting site membership or more training, that could be a good way to get experience and some money to put back in your business. I do not endorse offering below industry standard rates past the very beginning stages of your career. 

If you’re not part of an online casting site and would like to try out Voice123, check out our link for a 15% off discount + the V123 Pros course. The V123 Pros course is sooo helpful in guiding you on setting up your profile.


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