You may already know my VO story. When I was in radio and got on with my first big VO agent (Richard Hutchison Management), it took me FOUR years to book my first job. I was auditioning pretty regularly too. However, I truly believe that time frame would’ve been shortened had I gotten into classes or training. I loved radio and never planned to leave, so VO was always my “side thing.” Which is probably why I didn’t truly pursue training. But that is my biggest regret! 

Looking back from where I am now, there are a couple routes you can take – the long route and trying to figure it out on your own (or just treating it more apathetically) or the shorter route in learning from people that have figured out the tweaks needed to be competitive. I tried to figure it out on my own and it just took me much longer to learn. I wish I had taken the shorter route. 
Those may be the routes but every journey is different. You could book your first audition or it could take some time. With some of my agents, it’s taken up to a year to see any fruit and other agents I’ve booked one of the first things. 

You can’t always control where your journey takes you but you can decide which route to follow. 

We’re so excited to be in a new studio so we can offer you more resoures to help your career! THIS WEEK, we’ll be announcing the new classes and workshops starting in September! Stay tuned. 
 -Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

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