This past Tuesday, we had Liz Atherton (founder of TAG Talent Agency and creator of Cast Voices) as our industry pro for the virtual VO workout. She was awesome and gave a great tip…
Don’t be afraid to move what would be your 2nd take as your 1st take 


Because these days clients are craving UNIQUE. There’s SO much competing for our attention as consumers that clients need a VO talent that cuts through. 

It was a great reminder to maybe switch it up – put what would be your 1st take (in line with the specs) 2nd and your 2nd take (that leans more unique, personal, risky) 1st. 

Another great thing Liz said is: 

Be SAFE when you go outside. Don’t be SAFE in front of the mic. Be interesting. 

Great insight from Liz! Don’t forget that the 1st Tuesday of every month, we have our VIRTUAL INDUSTRY PRO Workout. In July, we have Marc Guss of ACM Talent and in August we have an Animation-specific workout with casting director Sara Sherman. 

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