For years, I have felt overwhelmed at how to develop my “marketing plan” for VO.

I’ve finally figured out a really simple plan for me and last year that helped me increase my income by  $30,000. Anyways…I’ll share how I simplified it later but today I just wanted to share a really simple thing you can do this week and it will probably take you 30 minutes. 
ACTION: Go through your stack of business cards you’ve collected over the years (if you’ve thrown them away…don’t stress, I’ll give you something alternate to do) and look for anyone you’ve met that may need a voiceover. Set these cards aside and pull out your calendar.

Now, write the contact info for one of those each week from now until you run out. 
Each week, take 10 minutes to craft an email to that person. Make it personal and make it serve them. Let them know: 
1| What you do – Voiceover + Style/Specs that you shine at and

2| How you can serve them – studio set-up or accessibility. Make that email more authentic than sales-y but just reconnect with them. 
Last week, I did this and I reconnected with a recording studio owner in Nashville I met over 10 years ago! I didn’t even think he’d remember me but he did and we even got to catch up over the phone. 

We forget sometimes to think about the people we know and how they may need what we do. 

Have a wonderful week!

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