Natural, natural, natural…that is the key to VO success these days. It’s harder than you think, though. There are lots of tricks but here’s a simple one that deals with your mouth and tongue placement
My voice tends to be clear, bright and articulate. Listen to a group of people at a bar, park, concert, mall or airport. How many people sound really clear, bright and articulate when they’re casually speaking? Not many. I realized there was something. It had to do with my mouth and tongue placement. When I’m speaking clearly and articulately, my tongue tends to be forward, touching my teeth and my mouth opens wider so words can be enunciated. BUT as I listened to a couple commercials with a very natural VO, I realized their mouth wasn’t opening as much and their tongue sounded like it was more relaxed, hitting further back than teeth. 
Try it out and see how you sound. 

Don’t substitute this for connecting with the script in an authentic way but it’s a small adjustment you can pay attention to. 

Hope you have a beautiful week!

-Mike & Heidi

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