We’ve talked about this before…that first line of your audition is everything. A lot of times, people just listen to the first few seconds to determine whether to keep going. But HOW do you make it connect right out of the gate? 

CREATE A QUESTION someone could ASK where the 1st line of the script is the ANSWER.
For example, here’s a script for a recent demo…

My father’s moderate alzheimer’s diagnosis has made life complicated. So that’s why I asked his doctor about once a day Namzaric. Now Dad and I are making the most of each moment. 

What QUESTION could be ASKED so that “My father’s moderate alzheimer’s diagnosis has made life complicated?” 

“How has your father’s alzheimer’s diagnosis affected you?” would be an example of a good question to ask. 


That way you’re starting your script off connected…and of course still have that one person you’re talking to. 

You got this!

-Mike & Heidi

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