In our Beginner Intensive Class, we have an exercise where we ask everyone to find a commercial and list 4 observations. We then watch the spot together in class and the student shares their observations. It’s a great practice of being able to KNOW what you’re listening for. 

I had a coach tell me for a different genre harp on me about listening but they never helped guide me to what I was listening for. It doesn’t help to listen if you’re not able to take anything away. Which is why, in class, we talk about what are helpful things to listen up for AND how that can help you book more and learn more. 
One of the ways listening helps is that one person’s idea of a specific delivery may be different than someone else’s. Listening helps to tune your ear to the different ways creative directors have interpreted different specs. The only hurdle is sometimes you have no idea what those audition specs were…BUT today…I have a gem for you. 

I got an audition recently where the client linked to 3 videos with great descriptive words about the voiceover delivery (one was on-camera). I thought I’d share so we can all learn together! 

1| Voice that makes something COMPLEX seem SIMPLE 
    Ex: Neil deGrasse Tyson (hyperlink –

2| Calm, Friendly Voice
    Ex: Google Search (hyperlink –

3| Authentic and interesting without being overly energetic or typical and expected
Ex: MailChimp (hyperlink –

Take a listen and learn! 

Have a great week!! 

-Mike and Heidi


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