Do you REALLY want to do animation??! Well, Covid has helped in that arena. Because people can’t go into studios in LA, animation auditions have opened up nationwide. With the opportunities opening up, comes a greater pool of competition as well. That means we have to be on top of our game! 

That’s why I wanted to share how to get better at animation with a few simple at-home exercises. 
1| ANIMAL TALK – Pull up a video on YouTube of any animal. Create a voice and character for that animal. What does it sound like? What is its point of view? 

2| PICTURE’S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS – Search Google Images and bring them to life! Based on the picture, how would they sound, walk, what’s their point of view, how do they dress, any quirks, hobbies, where do they live? Make that image come to life. 

3| CUP GAME – This is from Debi Derryberry (aka Jimmy Neutron)! She wrote a great book and you can find it here: ( On small pieces of paper write out various things in these 3 categories – 1| CHARACTER DESCRIPTION (Sequin pantsuit) 2| VOICE CHARACTERISTIC (Nasal) 3| AGE. Using 3 glasses, place all the character descriptions you wrote down in one glass, voice characteristics in another glass, and the age in another glass. Pull one piece of paper from each glass and use that to guide the animation character you created. 

These are really fun exercises that help you get better at animation and are totally free! 

You may end up discovering some really fun characters! 
If you’re interested in animation, creating your own content is one of the best ways to not only get better at animation but also make connections with people in that industry. 

Did you know that Thessaly Lerner created her own animation content, voiced it, and sold it to Dreamworks??? She’s got a workshop in February where she will teach you how to create your own content, how to pitch it, and how to even get ideas in the first place.

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