We’re talking with Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret of Lotas Productions (one of New York’s premier recording studios). Jim has been in the business for over 35 years, as an engineer, director, producer and owner of Lotas Productions in New York. He led the creation of a synthetic division of Lotas. Sam Ufret is a producer, director & engineer. Known for her creative casting notices. She’s been at Lotas since 2017 and helps VO talent with their home studio set-ups.

*In this episode, we discuss – *
What’s the latest in AI/synthetic voices?
How can we future-proof our voice over careers?
The difference between text to speech and speech to speech.
What genres of voice over will AI/synthetic take over first?
What makes a good synthetic voice?
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*Resources Mentioned *
Lotas Productions

Marketing Artificial Intelligence by Paul Roetzer/ Mike Kaput
Age of Invisible Machines by Robb Wilson
Build for Tomorrow by Jason Feifer (Editor of Entrepreneur)

Open Voice Network (templates)

Synthetic Voice Company Mentioned:
Eleven Labs

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