Whew. It’s not always easy sharing mistakes but I knew sharing this could potentially help you steer clear of repeating that mistake. 

First of all…regarding agents and representation, we always suggest getting on with an agency in different regions. This will help prevent audition crossover. But sometimes, it still happens. It’s been especially tricky because I’m on with a management company as well. 
Well, a couple weeks ago, my New York agent sent me an audition from a casting company I audition frequently for through them BUT my management company sent me the same audition. I didn’t know what to do, so I went with my management company. NOT the right move and I’ll tell you why. 

First of all, I emailed my New York agent to tell her I had to pass and I gave the reason. That prompted a call from her. See, this audition was from a casting company I had auditioned for many times THROUGH my New York agent and several times I had specifically been requested by them. 

Where did I go wrong in this? Because it was a casting company and brand I had auditioned frequently for through my NY agent, I had a CONNECTION via my NY agent. That’s what agents do…they connect with the casting company, producers and agencies so they can provide them talent. Especially, in this case, my agent talked me up to this casting company and gone to bat for me. I’m sure it felt like a slap in their face sending the audition in through someone else. 
What did I do? Well, I apologized and told her I made a mistake. I definitely saw her perspective and learned a lot from this. 

Still feels a little bummer-ish sharing this but I hope it helps you navigate a similar situation better than I did. 

-Mike & Heidi

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