This may blow your mind. 

I was reading a thread the other day in a Facebook VO group.

The topic?

How long did it take to make it full-time in voiceover? There were tons of comments.

One really stood out to me…Bob Bergen. Bob is the voice of Tweety Bird and Porky the Pig among many others. Bob said it took him EIGHT years.

I started adding up the numbers and the average time it took people? 4-5 years.  
This is not to be discouraging but encouraging. Don’t get down if you’ve been working really hard and haven’t seen a lot of fruit. That’s normal. 

It reminded me of Dave Ramsey’s (he’s a big financial influencer and guide) equation – FOCUSED INTENSITY over TIME (Dave also includes multiplied by God, but I know that’s not a part of everyone’s equation) = UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM. I’d actually add that the momentum may still ebb and flow in this industry. 

But isn’t it great to know that waiting and patience is just part of the equation?! I don’t like to wait at all and when I’m busting my butt, I want to see fruit and we will…just may not be tomorrow. 

Have a great week!

-Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

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