With everything that’s going on with COVID19, I think we’re seeing that it’s hard on people that are creative. Not the opportunity to be creative but how to be successful and make money being creative. This post from Michael Hyatt gives really great insight in how you can create a business where you have the financial freedom to BE CREATIVE! 

I’m going to share the 7 ways here but to dig deeper, check out the full post here: https://michaelhyatt.com/7-ways-successful-creatives-think-differently-than-unsuccessful-ones/
7 Ways Successful voice talent Think Differently Than Unsuccessful voice talent
1| Successful Creatives Think BIG
2| Successful Creatives Take Responsibility
3| Successful Creatives Listen Well
4| Successful Creatives Seek Help
5| Successful Creatives Work Hard
6| Successful Creatives Demonstrate Grit
7| Successful Creatives Remain Humble
Well that sounds easy, doesn’t it?! ;p

The thing to remember is being successful isn’t easy but IT IS absolutely possible! 

Have a great week!

-Mike and Heidi

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