I’m reading this fantastic book by Michael Gervais who is a high-performance psychologist and works closely with Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks (p.s. I’ve never been so proud of myself that I actually know the name of a coach of an NFL team ;p). His book isn’t about voiceover but he does say there are 3 things to train for a successful career. I wanted to put this in context for voiceover because I think he’s absolutely right. 

3 Things We Can Train:
1| Craft
2| Mind
3| Body
The CRAFT is your voiceover training…whether that’s from formal training (like at Atlanta Voiceover Studio) or personal discovery (making mistakes, learning on your own…takes longer but is part of mastering your craft). 

The BODY is not just your vocal chords but overall health. 

The MIND, I think, is the most important to sustained success and it’s something many neglect. You can probably relate to the feeling of being so excited and motivated after a voiceover workshop or class, only to feel discouraged weeks after. Sustained motivation and the ability to push through rejections, fear of failure, how to handle mistakes, competition and comparison happens when we train the mind. 

At Atlanta Voiceover Studio, Mike and I know what you’re facing when you email us and tell us, “I feel like I want to quit.” We’ve been there. We get it. Our goal is to continue to provide resources, encouragement and support during those times you’re battling…but we can’t fight for you. 

I highly recommend Compete to Create, Dr Michael Gervais’ book. He goes more in-depth on how we can train our mind. 

Audiobook Version: https://amzn.to/3hamZV3
Paperback Version: https://competetocreate.net

The GREAT news about all of this is we’re in a time where so much feels out of our control, but training these three things – CRAFT, BODY and MIND are in our complete control.

-Mike and Heidi 

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