Whether you LOVE goal setting or HATE it, this strategy will resonate with each perspective. 

Now grab a sheet of paper (I usually write this in my planner because I know I’ll always have it with me). Write down these 4 headings…
2| DREAMS FOR 2019 
1| What did I accomplish in 2018? This is a way to not only reflect on the awesomeness you accomplished (giving you encouragement of what you can do in 2019) but also a way to see what you are most proud of. Sometimes we set out to accomplish things based on other’s expectations, our own fears, etc. Really thinking through what YOU were most proud of has a way of illuminating your own passion compass. 

2| Dreams for 2019. This industry is so filled with things out of our control. Personally, it’s helped me to differentiate something like “book a national commercial VO” as a dream not a goal. I can do a million auditions, be on the top of my game and STILL not accomplish that goal. So much of accomplishing that is out of my control. Instead, I call things like that dreams. Coaching twice a month with my LA coach, THAT’S a goal. I can control that. I write out my dreams, then I say “What can I do to move towards these or be in a position to potentially book that national spot?” That’s how I create my actionable goals. 

3| Actionable goals. These are actions you can take in a time frame that help you move in the direction you want to go. I’d recommend writing them out, then spacing them out time-wise. Sometimes I’ll just shoot for one small goal a month or a goal that should be accomplished over a couple months. 

4| Mantra or a Theme for 2019. For me, this is something that is a guide. It’s something super short, easy to remember that as soon as I say it my mind shifts to the correct perspective. Last year it was “BETTER THAN BEFORE.” It helped remind me that if today I’m just a smidge better than before, I’m doing awesome. I set big expectations for myself which leads to feelings of big failure. I had to remind myself I’m doing just fine by taking a small step. For 2019, my mantra is DO LESS. KEEP IT SIMPLE. I’m at max capacity – mentally, time-wise, business-wise. I want to do MORE but I just can’t. The keep it simple part is because we have SO much knowledge and instruction at our fingertips. For VO, just attend one conference and your mind will be ready to explode with a zillion steps, more social media to-dos and 10 marketing things to do every day. Ah! I can’t deal with a zillion steps. I need to keep my marketing simple, my social media strategy simple, my audition process simple. No complicated orders (Any bon qui qui fans??!) 

Here’s to an awesome 2019!! 
Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew 

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