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Do you need to set up or make improvements to your existing home studio?
Are you a talent or creative who wants to learn how to edit your own recordings, or enhance your existing skills?
Do you need someone to listen to your auditions and offer recommendations that can improve your sound quality

We know just the guy who can help!

Audio Editing Classes

We offer the most in-depth and informative Adobe Audition and Audacity classes we’ve seen in the Learn Adobe Audition and Learn Audacity virtual classes.

Learn how to record, edit, the ins-and-outs of audio processing and more!

These classes are offered live via Zoom. We also offer these classes (and other DAWs – Digital Audio Workstations) on-demand through our online teaching course at ProVoiceoverTraining.com

These classes are taught by one of our audio engineers and instructor, James Younger.

James Younger

One-on-One Home Studio Help

If you want to dive deep into the technical side of your home studio setup, need recommendations for proper acoustic treatment and sound proofing, or anything else that involves your sound booth, schedule a private coaching session with James Younger.

Equipment Recommendations and Self-Paced Learning

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