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VO Training Resources

Home Studio Set-Up Video

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You’ve no doubt heard: “You need to have a home studio!” Well, searching online for the right equipment, how to set it up, and how to create a good enough space can be über time-consuming. Heidi & I have been there, so let us help! No matter where you are: Atlanta, N.Y.C., L.A. or anywhere in between, a good studio is a good studio. We want to take the frustration, confusion, and guesswork out of the process for you. In this Home Studio Set-Up Video, veteran sound designer and engineer, Gopal Swamy (Acoustech Music, Atlanta), shares 3 tiers for your home studio:

1) Beginner (low budget);
2) Advanced (mid-level budget); and,
3) Pro (high-level budget).
Learn what’s available at each level and some basic set-up demonstrations all in 20 minutes.

What you will receive:

  •  Video Download of Gopal’s home studio advice. He’ll break it down into bite-size pieces so that you’re not overwhelmed.
  • BONUS PDF with video tutorial outline, additional info and PVC pipe booth plans (that can also be mobile).
  • BONUS Basic Twisted Wave Tutorial.
  • BONUS Interview with Gopal Swamy – get an engineer’s advice on how to send in your best auditions.


“The Atlanta Voiceover Studio’s Home Studio Set-Up package materials are quick, digestible, super informative clips, presented in an honest, simplified way from pros that really know the industry and won’t steer you wrong. It gave me the boost I needed to make the best decisions for my talent and experience level as well as my budget. If you’re looking for guidance to elevate your VO space by tackling the daunting task of setting up the right studio for you, investing in this educational resource is the best way to start on the right foot.
-Jessica M


It was great to know that I had so many great options for setting up a home studio, and quite a few fit into my budget! This will save me A LOT of time and research. Thanks!
-Kim S

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10 Tips to Help you Build a Full-Time VO Career

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Mike & Heidi more than doubled their radio income through a career in voiceover…but not without making mistakes and learning from them. We share 10 things we did – the idea behind the tip, plus action points – that helped us create a great full-time voiceover career.

What you will receive:

  •  Video Download Breaking Down the 10 Tips – How they’ll help you create the career you want and how to implement them.
  • 10 Tips PDF Workbook – The PDF workbook offers additional resources like home studio equipment recommendations, worksheets that go along with the tips, checklists, goal planner, weekly planner and note sheet.


“Loved this video! As someone new to VO, it can be overwhelming to figure out the process and what should come next. This video presented a road map for next steps in my VO journey and gave specific advice to how to fulfill each step. There were steps I’d never even thought about, like creating a tracking system. This video makes figuring out the road to full-time VO easier. Such a great tool to keep myself on the right track, no pun intended!” – Kimberly Martin

**Once payment’s processed, wait to be directed to a page with links to download products.**