How to Write an Effective Email

Last week we talked about how to write an effective email subject. Today, we’re going to talk about how to write an effective email (the meat of it). 

Before we get into it, allow me to take a minute to encourage you. I’ve written many emails in my life where I’ve sat on the edge of my chair in anticipation of a response and…nothing. I had to change my perspective from what can I GET from this person to what can I GIVE this person…and always focusing on creating relationships. 

So here are my tips for crafting an effective email to an agent or prospective client…
    If you’re submitting to an agency, look up who the voice over head is. For a client, don’t address it to the whole company or just “Hi.” 

   I used to have a hard time with this. I didn’t want to outright say, “I’d like to be considered for your roster” or “I’d love to provide voice work for your company.” I think it was because if I came right out and asked, they could say no. The problem is if you don’t clearly state what you want, they won’t be able to say yes either. 

   This is the best way to be memorable because there’s no one like you. Let them know your experience but also your personality. People work with people they know, trust and LIKE. Give them reasons to like you.  

    I just mentioned infusing you but keep it brief. Your email to an agent or client should be no more than 3 SHORT paragraphs. This is the teaser. You can tell them more about yourself later but give them just enough to be interested but not too much to feel overwhelmed or bored. 

    This is something I personally love. I know that may not be the case for everyone. There are some days I feel like 75% of my day is just reading and replying to emails. For agents and potential clients, it’s probably even more. There are so many words we’re reading, make it easier with bullet points. 

Let me give you an example. If I’m emailing a potential agent and sharing my background I may say, 

* Ex-radio personality
* Encourage Minute podcast host
* Voiceover Studio Co-Owner

The bullet points are also good for sharing what your home studio set-up entails. 

* Whisper Room VO Booth
* Source Connect Pro, Phone Patch, Zoom/Google Hangouts with camera
* Neumann TLM 103
* Adobe Audition
* Apollo Twin Preamp

There’s a lot of info there and it makes it a lot easier to read and follow. 

    Make sure to include all your contact information in your email signature. I know people will not agree with me on this but I think you should try and add your photo. Some people think that if you’re a voice talent, you shouldn’t put your photo on any marketing because clients won’t be able to separate the two. But in this day and age, if you’re on social media, people can see your face. It’s not hard to find out what someone looks like. Plus, if we’re trying to create relationships, I want to see my “friend’s” face. 

7| AVOID LINKS, if possible
   Some workplaces immediately send emails with links in them to spam folders. If you can attach your demo(s) to the email, this will ensure that it won’t get sent to spamolot. For some reason, it doesn’t do that if the link is in your email signature…so add your website there. 
Overall, remember…


And use LOTS of !!!!!! 
Just kidding. That’s my kryptonite. 

-Mike and Heidi

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