Episode 6: How to Survive COVID19: Lessons from Pro VO Talent

We asked our instructors to share the practical things they’re doing during COVID19 to keep their voiceover careers moving forward! Awesome tips!

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BIG Mistake I Made Just Recently & What You Can Learn From It

Whew. It’s not always easy sharing mistakes but I knew sharing this could potentially help you steer clear of repeating that mistake.  First of all…regarding agents and representation, we always suggest getting on with an agency in different regions. This will help prevent audition crossover. But sometimes, it still happens. It’s been especially tricky because I’m …

BIG Mistake I Made Just Recently & What You Can Learn From It Read More »

Episode 5: BRANDING with Jonathan Tilley

Branding & marketing – does it REALLY matter for a voiceover career? Our guest this week is personal brand strategist Jonathan Tilley. As a voiceover talent, Jonathan knows and understands how creating branding and marketing strategy can impact a career. He also knows how to make that happen. Hear Jonathan’s great tips how to figure out your brand, social media do’s and don’t’s and what to do if you feel overwhelmed.

Atlanta Voiceover Studio is excited to host Jonathan SATURDAY APRIL 18th 2020 for his BRANDING TO BOOKING workshop. For more information & to register:

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Voice over Trends

Last week, I was so honored to sit on a panel with Rhavynn Drummer (Casting Director for Tyler Perry), Gideon Cohen (Sr Producer, Fitzco), Jeffrey Umberger (ACM Management), John Roberts (Owner & engineer of Soundbyte), moderated and organized by veteran VO actor Brad Davidorff. This was for Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) https://georgiaproduction.org. If you aren’t part …

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