With a background in radio production, Eric Romanowski shifted to focus on producing radio imaging demos. In this podcast, we talk to Eric about what makes a great demo, ways […]

7 Tips to Get Your Email Read

Why does writing an email to an agent or potential client feel as overwhelming as writing your bio??? Ugh. It can lead you down the procrastinating rabbit hole. Maybe that’s […]

New AVS Podcast featuring Maria Pendolino

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How To Get Better at Animation

Do you REALLY want to do animation??! Well, Covid has helped in that arena. Because people can’t go into studios in LA, animation auditions have opened up nationwide. With the […]

How To Avoid Desperation

Whether you’re an on-camera actor or voice actor (or both)…it can creep in…desperation. I was there recently actually. I wanted to share why and how I got there and how to […]

Reminder for Animation Voice Over Auditions

I recently heard an animation casting director share this simple tip: Get Booked or Get Remembered Your objective is always to get booked but if you don’t get booked…give a […]